Every student is a marvelous manifestation of God’s creative power, ByDesign encourages discovery of this essential truth.

TIMOTHY G. STANDISH, PhD, Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda, CA

Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition guides you through the five-step instructional model in a detailed and consistent way. Each step in the model is clearly delineated and includes carefully and thoughtfully developed suggestions for instructional techniques and classroom questioning to invoke scientific and higher-order thinking to encourage student curiosity.

The Unit Opener provides suggested questions and ideas to introduce the unit content as well as an introduction to the recommended Lifestyle Challenge. You will also find the suggested unit inquiry descriptions and support in the Teach Using Inquiry section.

Thoughtful teacher support coordinates with the student materials and wraps the reduced Student Edition for ease of reference and clear mapping of instruction. The instructional mapping includes sample answers to all questions posed in the Student Edition, including all Math in Science and Explore-a-Lab features.

Big Idea

The Big Idea of each chapter is thoroughly developed and includes connections to the Adventist faith. Ideas are presented to help students activate prior knowledge and develop study strategies.

Inquiry Practices

Inquiry Practices are emphasized throughout, and suggestions are provided to help students develop these practices.

Science Background

You will find a Science Background feature at the start of each lesson that provides important background information about the lesson content.

Inquiry Extension

An Inquiry Extension, provided for each lesson, is detailed in the Teacher Edition. Students record their work in their Student Science Journals.

Science Projects

The Open Inquiry can often lead to Science Fair type projects. Students could prepare a final report, oral presentation, or display board to present their findings to the class.