This series shows that Creationists can do science!

DR. LEE DAVIDSON, Associate Professor, Andrews University

Student Edition

The ByDesign Student Edition is an engaging, vibrant case-bound textbook intended for use in traditional and multi-grade classrooms, as well as the home-school environment. The program is organized into four units of study: Life Science, Human Body, Earth and Space Science, and Physical Science.

Within the program, each unit is organized into chapters containing lessons. Many opportunities to explore and experiment with science are provided throughout. You will find the science and health content developed through lessons that connect these concepts to your faith and reflect the Adventist worldview.


The features of the Student Edition develop the content of the lessons in a clear and consistent way. The features also allow students to explore and discover the wonders of God’s Creation through scientific inquiry.

Scripture Spotlight

Scripture Spotlight identifies the Bible passages the students will read and connect to the chapter content.

The Big Idea

The Big Idea summarizes the chapter and may connect to the Adventist worldview.

Unit Overview

Each unit opener includes a Unit Overview that previews the unit content and presents questions that students will be able to answer at the completion of the unit.

Essential Question

Each lesson title is the Essential Question that students will be able to answer at the conclusion of the lesson.

Lesson Activity

Each Lesson Activity features short, action-oriented explorations that support the lesson content and encourage creativity.

Faith Connection

Thoughout the Student Edition you will find Faith Connection features that provide thoughtful questions that require students to apply lesson content to their faith.

Make a Connection

Each lesson closes with a Make a Connection activity that requires students to think about lesson content in a new context.

Lesson Review

A Lesson Review begins with a short summary and provides an opportunity for assessment. The Essential Question is revisited in the lesson summary to bring all content together. A Family Link also provides an opportunity for students to perform activities or anser questions with their families.

Family Link

A Family Link also provides an opportunity for students to perform activities or answer questions with their families.


Practice your inquiry skills! Explore-a-Lab features are found throughout the Student Edition lessons and provide additional quick, in-class inquiry opportunities.

Think About It

The Think About It features an interesting, thought-provoking question related to the content of the lesson. A variety of question types and levels challenge students while providing an opportunity to assess comprehension.

Math in Science

The Math in Science feature challenges students to use their math skills to solve a related math problem. They are found in lessons that have a clear connection to a math skill.