The study of science should engage and excite students and feed their natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world. The ByDesign program is dedicated to this purpose.

DAN WYRICK, Director of Nature by Design

Available Resources

Online Teacher Resources

If you or your school is using By Design Science in your 1-8 classrooms, the online teachers’ resources are provided FREE with your science purchase. Kendall Hunt provided the login instructions and information to your school when the program was purchased however if you are new and or have forgotten your password and PIN# please feel free to send an email to Lynn Molony

The By Design Science resource site includes the necessary teacher and student resources needed to use and teach the By Design Science program. The resources are as follows:

  • EBook (teacher and student)
  • Science Tool Activities
  • Assessment/Test
  • CAS Cohesive Assessment System (pre made assessment, also can customize, and student can take test on line when this is used)
  • Lesson Support
  • Scoring Rubrics
  • Parent Letters (when required)
  • Skill Builders
  • Glossary
  • Science Fair

Components of the program include the Teacher Edition, Student Edition and the Student Science Journals (traditional and multi-grade).

If you already have access please make any necessary updates (examples: new teachers, teachers changing schools and/or classroom, and updating classroom student rosters), into the By Design Science resource site.

Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System

All pre-made formal assessments are available online in the Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System. This includes publisher-quality question banks that you may use to customize practice worksheets, quizzes, and tests by lesson, chapter, or unit. These may be used as informal or formal assessments to meet the specific needs of your students and your classroom. Additionally, the online assessment tool includes complete, ready-to-use chapter tests.

Victory VR Virtual Reality Curriculum

Engage your students in this immersive supplemental science resource. Studies show that students who use virtual reality--an experiential method of learning, have increased test scores and longer lasting knowledge retention. Victory VR has paired with By Design Curriculum to create lessons allowing students to go deeper into the content while it’s reinforced in a stimulating way.

Correlation Guides for ByDesign:

ByDesign Virtual Labs

The By Design Labs team has developed an engaging and expansive investigative experience for our Adventist education science students. The 21st Century learner will be digitally transported to a variety of environments and enabled to perform their labs in a variety of situations. The intent of this system is that it will be available to all Seventh-day Adventist schools as a gratis service of the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist.