No knowledge is more important than knowledge of the Creator—THE reason By Design belongs in every Adventist school.

TIMOTHY G. STANDISH, PhD, Geoscience Research Institute, Loma Linda, CA

Student Science Journal

Regarding the Student Science Journals for grades 1-8.

The Student Science Journal is an integral component of the By Design Science program. It is used as a personal workbook and journal for each student as they record their own scientific understanding of the unique labs and inquiry activities that are presented in the Student and Teacher Edition. The journals are customized specific to each grade level and unit of study. They contain additional diagrams and instruction not included in other components of the program.

Each grade level unit begins with a Lifestyle Challenge and an Open Inquiry that spans the duration of the unit being studied. The Student Science Journal also include end of the unit reviews for grades 1–4 and an end-of-chapter review for grades 5–8. The reviews are used to assess and summarize what students have learned. Also unique to the program are the Engineering Practice that are featured at the end of the unit. These provide the opportunity to expand and extend additional creative and collaborative learning.

The Student Science Journals also provide additional inquiry labs that cover critical concepts and Adventist worldviews that are not found elsewhere in the program. Faith Connections and Home Connections are featured for each chapter. Students will journal about their understanding of the lesson content and how it relates to their Adventist education and faith. Each journal becomes an individual portfolio of the student’s journey throughout each unit of study. They will experience the true meaning of By Design a Journey to Excellence through Science.

Lifestyle Challenge

The Lifestyle Challenge supports the Adventist In Step for Life program, and provides activities that help students make healthy lifestyle choices!

Engineering Practice

Engineering Practice is an inquiry that utilizes scientific and engineering practices and is related to the content of the unit.

Home Connections

Home Connections provide opportunities for students to perform activities or answer questions with their families.

Faith Connections

Faith Connections provide opportunities for students to reflect on and apply science content to their faith, church, and personal relationship with God.

End of Unit Review

The Unit Review pages provide a comprehensive review of the content of the unit through fill-in-the-blank, open-ended, multiple-choice, and short-answer questions.

Levels of Science Inquiry

Level Description Question? Methods? Solution
1 Directed Inquiry Students confirm a principle through an activity in which the results are known in advance. x x x
2 Structured Inquiry Students investigate a teacher-presented question through a prescribed procedure. x x
3 Directed Inquiry Students confirm a principle through an activity in which the results are known in advance. x
4 Open Inquiry Students investigate topic-related questions that are student formulated through student-selected and student-designed procedures.