The study of science should engage and excite students and feed their natural curiosity and sense of wonder about the world. The ByDesign program is dedicated to this purpose.

DAN WYRICK, Director of Nature by Design

Available Resources

Online Teacher Resources

The Online Teacher Resources provide the details needed for lesson support and additional blackline masters for practice and skill development. These resources include: lesson support for students, skill-builder practice for students, prewritten chapter tests, and end-of-unit summative assessments. Professional development resources for teachers are also provided.

Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System

All pre-made formal assessments are available online in the Kendall Hunt Cohesive Assessment System. This includes publisher-quality question banks that you may use to customize practice worksheets, quizzes, and tests by lesson, chapter, or unit. These may be used as informal or formal assessments to meet the specific needs of your students and your classroom. Additionally, the online assessment tool includes complete, ready-to-use chapter tests.

Pathways Connections for Multi-Grade By Design Science Program

The following Daily Lesson Guides contain materials that correspond with the unit of science. Consider including some of the extension activities available within the Daily Lesson Guides in the unit of study. When students make connections in Science with what they are reading in Language Arts class, the more their retention in both subject areas will improve.

Pathways Connections